The 2020 online round took place on June 7, 2020. 294 competitors participated on 101 teams, collectively submitting over 2,700 solutions.


Test solutions on our Codeforces Gyms: Standard, Advanced


The full leaderboard is available at mbit.live.

Standard Division

Winning team: orzosities

Members: Keshav Ramamurthy (Challenger Middle School), Atharv Jain (Skyline High School), Dakshin Devanand (Rick Reedy High school), Maxwell You (Charter School of Wilmington)

Advanced Division

Winning teams:

  1. Sponsored by Raid: Shadow LegendsEric Wei (Scarsdale High School), Deyuan Li (Scarsdale High School), Siyong Huang (Homestead High School), William Lin (Taipei American School)
  2. East Coast DemolishersNathan Chen (Garnet Valley High School), Richard Qi (Princeton High School), David Chen (Princeton High School), Anand John (Brandywine High School)
  3. BlairleraosDanny Mittal (Thomas etc.), Omkar Bhalerao (Thomas JHSS Technology), Ray Bai (TJ Sci-Tech High School), Patrick Zhang (TJ what what rumble oh yeah)