mBIT hosted the Spring 2021 Online Round on June 12. You can view the results here.

Compete with peers.

Come join fellow students across the region in a fun and friendly competition. Show off your programing knowledge and win awards!

Collaborate with friends.

Bring up to three of your friends and form a team. Successful programmers are also helpful and supportive teammates. Work together!

Code something new.

Whether you're a programming rookie or a coding veteran, these questions will make you think in new and creative ways. Everyone will learn something new!


mBIT is a competitive programming competition for middle and high school students of all skill levels, organized by students from Montgomery Blair High School.

Students work in teams of up to four to solve interesting and challenging programming problems. There are be prizes for the top teams in each division.

For more information, be sure to visit the logistics and rules pages. If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to email us at mbit.organizers@gmail.com.

If you are looking to practice for the competition, past mBIT problems, old USACO problems, and the USACO training pages are great places to start. Keep in mind that the problems in the competition will primarily focus on thinking and problem solving, not rote memorization of algorithms and data structures.

Choosing a Division

mBIT offers a standard division and an advanced division. In the standard division, you will find concepts such as lists, loops, recursion, and algorithms such as BFS and binary search. The advanced division features more difficult programming concepts such as dynamic programming, pathfinding, and segment trees, with more of a focus on optimizing efficiency and time complexity.

Generally speaking, standard division problems range from Bronze to Silver USACO levels, while the advanced division problems range from Silver to Platinum. Take a look at our archive to get a sense of the difficulty of each division.

Additionally, sample problems are available for download here, and the solutions are available here (but you should try them first!). Note that we have renamed the rookie and varsity divisions to standard and advanced. If you can solve each of the standard ones easily, you should probably compete under advanced.


mBIT is proudly sponsored by United Therapeutics, Art of Problem Solving, and Wolfram Research.

Interested in sponsoring? Send us an email at mbit.organizers@gmail.com.